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1. Teams’ reception will be on April 0​4 at Hall 25A of Tehran International Fair (south gate).

2. Correction of team members names can be done until April 04. The request must be sent to from the email address used to register the team.



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The payment to finalize registration will be closed tonight.

Please make sure that you have added all your team members. Then proceed to make payment in order finalize your team's registration to attend the competitions

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You may subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive the latest updates/news/announcements about the competitions. 

Please use the following link to subscribe to our channel:​

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Please proceed to the MyTeams page to pay for your team's registration. Only qualified teams are eligible to make payment.​

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The deadline for pre-registration has been extended to February 0​4, 2016.​

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The pre-registration for RoboCup IranOpen 201​6 competitions has started. Please pre-register your team before the deadline and prepare your TDPs and, if required, other materials for the qualification process. 

Please refer to the Participants -> Registration page for more information on how to pre-register for the competitions. Please always check the competitions schedule to avoid missing the deadlines. The competitions schedule can be found at Participants -> Schedule.

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